Saturday, May 23, 2020

Best Keto Pills For Weight Loss

Best Keto Pills For Weight Loss

Best Keto Pills For Weight Loss

In theory, achieving a healthy weight should be pretty easy, right? Just eat fewer calories and work out regularly to burn fat and build muscle.

But, as we know, there are a variety of factors that can affect your weight beyond what you eat and your activity levels. Sleep is another crucial, but less talked about, factor.

It's no secret that quality sleep is a foundation of any healthy lifestyle -- getting enough zzz's supports mental clarity, a longer attention span, higher energy levels, a stronger immune system, better moods, and improved memory.

But there's also a significant connection between sleep and weight. If you're looking to get healthy this year, it's important to take a holistic approach that considers not only diet and exercise but also rest.

What happens when you don't sleep enough

If you're not getting at least seven hours of sleep per night, your metabolism can actually slow down, which means you can passively pack on extra pounds because you don't burn as many calories throughout the day and night.

A lack of sleep can also leave you feeling hungrier and craving certain high-calorie foods because it triggers the hormone that stimulates your appetite and decreases the hormone that makes you feel full. And because sleep deprivation can affect the part of your brain responsible for decision-making, you won't always make the right choices when you're tempted to eat another scoop of ice cream or finish a plate of french fries.

The effects can be even more straightforward, too -- the more hours you're awake, the more time you have to snack, and all those calories add up. Not to mention that if you're feeling tired and groggy because you didn't catch enough shut-eye, you're much less likely to get to the gym or go for that after-work jog.

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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Easiest way to get a flat stomach fast

Easiest way to get a flat stomach fast

Are you sick of hiding your belly under baggy tops or buying your pants a size too big so your stomach won't spill over the waistband? You're not alone. The stomach is a major, if not the major problem area, for men and women. I can't tell you how often I'm asked for advice on how to achieve killer abs, flatten the mommy pooch or lose the love handles. If you really want to get a flat stomach — or score that six pack — follow these tips and make it happen!


Monday, January 20, 2020

Dog Training Methods

Dog Training Methods

There are 4 components (or quadrants) to operant conditioning. Before listing them it’s helpful to know that a ‘punishment’ reduces a behavior and a ‘reinforcement’ increases it.

‘Positive’ and ‘negative’ aren’t good and bad things, they only refer to adding something or taking something away respectively:

Positive reinforcement – Increases behavior by adding something the dog sees as pleasant. Example: Giving high praise or a treat if your Labrador sits when asked.

Positive punishment – Decreases behavior by adding something the dog sees as unpleasant. Example: Your dog jumps up and you turn away and ignore him.

Negative reinforcement – Increases behavior by taking something away that’s unpleasant. Example: Pulling up on your dog’s collar until he sits. When he sits, you release the collar. So an unpleasant thing is removed when the behavior is performed.

Negative punishment – Decreases behavior by taking something away that’s desirable. Example: You want to play fetch, but your Labrador repeatedly jumps up and tries to snatch the toy. You can hold the toy in such a way that he knows he will not get it until he stops and relaxes. He will learn you will only play fetch when he is calm and patiently waiting, thereby reducing jumping and snatching.

These methods are very effective and have been used to train dogs, dolphins, parrots, rats and more besides for many decades now. To learn more click below:



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